JA Cleaners - 7 Weeks of missing Dry Cleaning

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On 2/25/13 I took my clothes to the A & J cleaners Franklin, TN, they were ready to be picked up by 2/27/13, before I could pick up my clothes, the business had moved.

I called and called the number listed on my receipt, I couldn't reach anyone, the phone just rang and rang. The following week 3/4/13 (TWO WEEKS NOW), I went to the store to see if there was another number perhaps listed on the door, or window, there was nothing!! A woman was inside, she told me that A & J cleaners Franklin, TN had moved and that I could pick up my clothes by 3/27/13 at the new location. On 3/27/13 I went to the new location located in Williamson Square Franklin TN.

The building was empty!! Now I have no way of knowing, what happened to my clothes and no way to contact anyone from A & J cleaners Franklin, TN. It has been a few weeks now. I spoke to a friend who just happened to have a business card of A & J cleaners with, another number listed in Nashville, TN.

I called the number 4/5/13 and spoke to someone, explaining as a customer how upset I was at the lack of service, communication and conduct of the the business. She told me that I can pick up my clothes at another store, 20 miles away in Nashville TN, I was livid!! I don't drive and I didn't know the area. The next week 4/12/13 I called the Nashville store again and spoke with Nelson Hernandez a store manager, he would be in the area near Franklin, TN, and would be able to drop my clothes off at my home Sunday 4/14/13 or at the A & J cleaners in Franklin, TN location at 8:00, Nelson never arrived at the store, by now I have been disrespected and dealt with so unjustly, Nelson said that he over slept and would again be at the Franklin store later that same day at around 3:00 getting ready for the store's grand opening on Wednesday 4/17/13.

He never called nor showed up at the A & J cleaners in Fanklin, TN at 3:00 I called him again - no show! Thursday we argued about my clothes, he wanted me to pay $35.50 for my clothes trying to resolve things he said he would meet me at the Franklin Factory 7:30 - 8:00 p.m. - he no showed again!!!!! I have had it with this AWWWWWWFFFUUUULLLL company!!!!I still don't have my clothes that have now been somewhere in his "care" for the last 7 wk!

....so much for his Professional Alterations and Cleaning as stated on the business card!!


Nashville, Tennessee, United States #812484

Best cleaners in *** state I dont understand how there people so *** it looks like they only had only a pair of clothes . Well im a customer the cleaners and there the best and cheapest.so stop putting comeplans on them OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin

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